Get yourself a taste of American Chic dining (the way we like it in the U.S.).

The Wacko truth about American Cuisine

Do you think of American food as, you know, fat ’n’ fast? Greasy burgers, French (!) fries and high calorie snacks and shakes? Well, today you’ve got another thinking coming! We at Wacko’s are delighted and proud to welcome you to the real American Cuisine. Come and check us out!

Get a sneak preview of our insane menu!

  New Menu

Wacko’s is on a mission: to introduce you to the best of American Cuisine.

Our chef selects award winning signature dishes from states and cities across the U.S. and lovingly cooks them with as many original and fresh American ingredients as he can get his hands on. Get a preview of (y)our menu!